Thursday, April 17, 2014

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BtVS 1.10 | 5.22 [Requested by afterthebattle]

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shameless is the only show where i’ve heard the us version is better than the uk

Thanks for the feedback! I’m sticking with the US version so far, it’s not bad, but hopefully once I get through what I saw of the UK version I’ll enjoy it more.

Also personally I did like the US version of The Office better than the UK version after it was all said and done. But that’s just me :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Aww that’s a bummer! I have no idea when they differ, but I’ve been meaning to compare notes with my friend so I’ll do that and let you know (unless you’ve found out/given up by then). I hope you give the US one a chance tho, the actors are amazing.

Thanks. I tried looking it up vaguely but I couldn’t figure out when they start differing. I have it on in the background while I’m doing stuff now. Some of the actors in this one I like better already, and some I like the UK actors better. So I’m sure they’re all good, just a matter of taste a bit too. Though the people in the US version are generally conventionally prettier I’d say (not bad or good, just an observation). 

YES!! Tell me absolutely everything about all your thoughts and feelings during this attempt, I want a full play-by-play! I am so curious!

Lol, well I’m actually on episode 2 of the US version now, and I’m sorta bored…because it’s almost scene for scene the same as the UK version which I just watched …yesterday. I don’t know when they diverge but hopefully it does soon because it’s just all the same stuff with different actors so far.

Olivia Dunham + Outfits ▶ Leather jackets

dottierthanthou replied to your post: Is the US version of Shameless better …

I’ve only seen the US one, but I *LOVE* that one. Think it depends on preference - my bff loves the UK version so much he refuses to watch the US one despite my best efforts, and it’s vice versa for me. But the US one is awesome imo.

Thanks for the feedback. Think I’ll give the US one a try then!

Is the US version of Shameless better than the UK one? I watched the first season of Shameless UK, and I didn’t really get the love.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


"I’ve died for my family before. I’m happy to do it again."

Make Me Choose: Anonymous asked Aidan Waite or John Mitchell

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I needed to become the destroyer that you met all those years ago. remember her? I do. she is a part of me, and she always will be. but she’s not everything. you asked me to choose, who will I be? this is my choice.

Watch out for that fence.

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